Basement or Crawl Space Animal Wildlife Proofing

Basement or Crawl Space

During our initial inspection of your house, we will not only check for openings around your attic and roof line, we will carefully inspect your foundation, crawlspace and basement.
Often there are crawlspace vents that are not visible due to house additions or landscaping. We will determine the location of all crawlspace vents and be sure they are all sealed properly.

We will also carefully check the basement or crawlspace door and surrounding areas for holes or cracks that may be possible entrances for wildlife.

35% of our work is redoing our competitor’s poor quality work. Our competitors perform cheap fixes that don’t keep the animals out for long. Crocodile Dave uses only quality materials that keep the animals out and the value of your home up. Plus, our work comes with a 1 Year Out-of-the-House Guarantee!
Animal Proof my Basement! Animal Proof my Crawl Space!

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