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Rats & Mice

Rats spread disease. Rats cause damage to electrical wires. Rats damage roof lines, soffits and gutters. Rats get into heating & air conditioning units & do costly damage.

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Wasps, & Hornets

If a colony is disturbed, they can become very aggressive and sting. Stings are mostly temporary, but painful. For allergic individuals a single sting may result in a serious reaction, requiring medical treatment.

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Damage to wooden buildings may take one of several forms. Holes may be drilled into wood siding, eaves, window frames, and trim boards. Woodpeckers prefer cedar and redwood siding…

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Squirrels might be cuter then rats but are every bit as much of a menace. They generally chew at the breather space along the edges of the roofline to gain entrance.

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Bat waste can be very toxic and will produce a very foul smell. It can also eat through wood and screening around vents and other areas. This is because of its very high acidity.

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Snakes will sometimes enter a home, usually to follow food. If you have a snake in your house, the first thing that needs to be addressed is to make sure you don’t have a rodent problem.

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Raccoons have very sharp claws and teeth and can rip through most anything. Females have learned they like to come inside where it is warm to have their pups.

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Moles are insectivores, and they may control some insect outbreaks. However, mole activity can also cause considerable damage to lawns.

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Opossums are mainly just messy and very bothersome. The biggest problem we come across is these creatures getting inside something and not knowing how to get out.

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