Bats Control Removal Service


Hearing noises in the attic?
Seeing bats flying out of your roofline?
Strange smells coming from your attic?

Bats can be helpful to have around. They consume up to 1/3 of their body weight in insects every night. However, we do not want Bats in our attics!!!


ENTRY: Bats may enter your house through a hole the size of your thumb. They do not chew or eat their way in, they will just find openings around vents, weakened wood, siding or holes left by other animals.

DAMAGE: Bat waste can be very toxic and will produce a very foul smell. It can also eat through wood and screening around vents and other areas. This is because of its very high acidity. There is a risk of Bat waste growing diffrent fungi that if inhaled for too long, may lead to lung diseases. This is why it is necessary to do a complete cleanup after removing the bats. We also offer a full cleanup of the area.

REMOVAL: To remove bats, it is important to give them a way out and stop them from coming back in. We accomplish this by placing netting at their exits. This allows them to leave but makes it nearly impossible for them to find their way back in. Since bats tend to leave every evening this process doesn’t generally take too long.

PREVENTION: Treatment consist of removal of the bats and a clean out of the area. Sometimes this will include replacing insulation and bleaching the area.

I have Bats! Get them out of the house!  


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