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Like most homeowners, you are probably confused by all of the conflicting “advice” on mole control. You may believe that every rumor, home remedy, or control method is worth trying. In fact, many chemicals and home remedies (including castor oil derivatives and grub controls) are not only ineffective when dealing with moles, but they allow the animals time to establish and become real problems. Moles can quickly colonize and spread through adjacent residential properties if not handled properly. Because they need a well-established tunnel network to survive, control will be more difficult the longer they are allowed to tunnel and become habituated.
I have Moles! Get them out of my yard!  

About Moles

Moles are insectivores (they eat insects), and they may control some insect outbreaks. However, mole activity can also cause considerable damage to lawns. This damage is usually in the form of tunnels and/or mounds in lawn that can be unsightly, disturb root systems, and provide cover or travel lanes for other small mammals.

On large properties mole activity may move from one part of the lawn to another. This movement is affected by climate and ground moisture. Moles will respond to changes in food supply as different insects become available in different places and at different times throughout the year. If disturbed, moles may temporarily leave an area but will usually return when you least expect it. Even without disturbance mole activity may last only a week or two in a particular area. This here-today, gone-tomorrow behavior is probably the root of most of the misconceptions that make some home remedies and pesticides appear credible.


ENTRY: Moles and Voles are commonly confused because they look similar and cause the same type of damage to lawns. Both tunnel beneath your grass, Moles looking for insects and grubs, Voles eating vegetation. Both species are rather anti-social so you will rarely have more then 1 or 2 in your yard although you may think there is an army when you walk across your yard and sink into tunnel after tunnel.
DAMAGE: With Moles, the tunneling causes some damage, but they are just digging around to find food. Voles tunnels cause more damage because they are eating the roots and are killing the grass or vegetation that is growing above. Voles can cause some severe damage to gardens, munching on the roots and bulbs under the ground.

REMOVAL: Removing Moles and Voles is very difficult. It often takes us several seasons of strategic placement of deterrents in order to fully evacuate these rodents.

PREVENTION: Both Moles and Voles prefer soft wet soil that is easier to tunnel through. Moles enjoy the worms and grubs found more often in damp soil as well. Over watering your lawn not only keeps it from establishing deep strong roots, it is also a Welcome Mat for Moles and Voles. The best way to prevent rodents invading your lawns and gardens is to keep them healthy, well manicured and free of insects.

I have Moles! Get them out of my yard!  
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