Opossum Control Removal Service


Opossums are very simple animals. They are nocturnal animals so they will be spotted or heard at night. Opossums are large rounded animals with skinny tails. Opossums also have a long pink nose and big leafy like ears. They have a darkish gray fur in this area and are mainly found near farm land or wooded areas and near water.

Like raccoons, they give birth to a small litter which the mothers protect well. The kits will stay with their mother for several months then go out their own once their teeth are fully developed. The teeth help with the very diverse diet of foods including insects, mushrooms, grains, and fruits. As with raccoons, this will bring them very close to man.


ENTRY: Opossums will make use of any holes or weak points in your house. The best way to keep them out is to keep tree limbs away from your house and make sure there is no available food source around. They eat snails, slugs, spiders, roaches, mice and snakes, so having them around your yard can be beneficial.
DAMAGE: Opossums are mainly just messy and very bothersome. The biggest problem we come across is these creatures getting inside something and not knowing how to get out. This causes them to starve and can leave a very bad smell.

REMOVAL: With Opossums we use a trapping device which will not harm the animal. If kits are involved we will carefully remove them after the mother is caught.

PREVENTION: Crocodile Dave repairs the entry points into your house with strong, high quality materials. Our prevention solutions come with a 5 Year Out of the House Guarantee.
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