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Squirrels living in your attic? Squirrels chewing your electrical wires? Squirrels clogging your gutters? Squirrels climbing into your chimney? Squirrel scratching around in the middle of the night?

Squirrels might be cuter then rats but are every bit as much of a menace. They generally chew at the breather space along the edges of the roofline to gain entrance. Like rats, they can further damage wiring, insulation and wood once they get inside.

They often build nests in gutters causing further damage to soffits and facia from rain overflow. Flimsy gutter guards that are easily bent or chewed through make nice cozy nests and homeowners may not even realize they are there until they notice water damage it causes.

Squirrels also like chimneys without proper caps. They crawl inside and can’t get out or fall down to the fireplace.

Most often we use one way tunneling systems allowing them to leave but not come back. However for this system to work, we must seal off all entrances. Trapping alone offers only a temporary solution once squirrels have set up housekeeping in your attic.

I have Squirrels! Get them out of the house!
About Gray Squirrels

The gray squirrel is the most commom squirrel. They are most active during daytime and are not actually gray, but more brown in coloring. Gray squirrels prefer to live in attics about 10 months out of the year and live outside in July and August. During the fall season they start storing nuts and getting ready for the cold winter. Gray Squirrels have pups once a year in early spring, however if the food source is plentiful and housing is good they may have one other litter in late summer or early fall.

About Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are very small animals. They can range from 3″-5″ long. These very small animals do not actually fly but they can glide up to 150′ thanks to a unique flap of skin connecting from front elbow to the back knee. Most of the animals live in small holes left by other animals such as woodpecker’s.


ENTRY: There are 3 major ways a squirrel may get into an attic, the breather space, roof vents, and the A-Frame. Almost 90% of the time it is the breather space, but the longer they are there the more holes they will make in different areas so not to get sealed out. Squirrels can be very creative in where they decide to put holes.

DAMAGE: Squirrels are always chewing on something because their teeth constantly grow and if they didn’t file them down they would grow over their bottom jaw. A squirrels teeth can grow up to 6 inches a year. They will chew attic joists, trim boards, and sometimes wiring. The main reason they chew wiring is, when it is really cold they feel that the wires are slightly warm and they try to chew a piece to take back to the nest and sleep on to stay warm. Once they get through the plastic coating they get shocked. Sometimes this will stop them and sometimes they will just move on to the next until they figure it out.

REMOVAL: For removal, we at Crocodile Dave use a unique one-way tunneling system which is very effective in removing Squirrels. The Squirrels are allowed to leave through the tunnels, but may not return.

PREVENTION: We often seal some of the breather space as well. If the problem has been going on for a long time, there will most likely be several areas that will need to be sealed. Crocodile Dave uses 2 Ply, 23 Gauge Galvanized Steel mesh that cannot be chewed, leaving your home critter free for at least 1 year, guaranteed and yearly option to renew.

I have Squirrels! Get them out of the house!

Frequently Asked Questions…

    • What if there are babies? If there are babies or pups most of the time they will be young adults and will be able to freely exit the tunneling sytem. If they are too young we will remove them by hand and get them to a rehabilitator.
    • Do you Kill the squirrels? No we only do Humane removal using the one way tunnel.
    • How can you be sure they will not get back in? We not only find the holes they chewed, we inspect for possible future entry points and can seal those areas as well.
    • Does the animal proofing keep rats out too? Yes, we guarantee this process will keep out all unwanted critters.

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