Brookhaven, GA Termite Control Services

Brookhaven, GA Termite Control Services

When it comes to termites, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there, secretly destroying your property. Termites are often referred to as “silent destroyers” and if they aren’t dealt with quickly, before showing immediate signs of destruction, the results can be extensive. Termites consume plant materials that are cellulose based. The fact is that, all homes, no matter their construction type, can provide cellulose based food that will attract termite infestation. Crocodile Dave’s Brookhaven, GA termite control services will eliminate your termite problem and help prevent further infestation.


The Crocodile Dave Advantage over Termites.

  • Our over 20 years of termite control experience
  • Extensive training in all aspects of termite control
  • Unmatched customer satisfaction

Indications of a termite infestation are difficult to detect, and some termites can tunnel hundreds of feet in order to reach their feeding site. That’s why calling Crocodile Dave Termite Control services in Brookhaven, GA now is a vital first step in protecting your home prior to termite attacks.

Here at Crocodile Dave, we take excellent care of the Brookhaven, GA community. We’re known for offering the best customer support in the industry and guarantee excellent service and through our customized treatment plans.

You can count on your Crocodile Dave specialist to be specifically trained in termite problems unique to Brookhaven, GA. This means that you receive the most comprehensive termite control and protection in the industry. Our specialists will be able to identify the type of destructive termites attacking your property and come up with the best plan for your situation.

termite-stagesYour termite infestation, property size and conditions won’t always be similar to someone else’s, so our plans aren’t looked at as “one size fits all”. There are a number factors that come into play with a treatment plan when it comes to eliminating termites – and keeping them from returning. We customize treatment strategies that will keep your property termite free for as long as you are our customer. The success rate of our treatment plans and the stellar feedback from our customers speaks for itself.

We Evaluate:

  • The termite variation you’re dealing with
  • Extent and size of the Infestation
  • Construction type and location
  • Other possible contributing factors

Our Brookhaven, GA Termite Control Process

Your Crocodile Dave specialist will inspect your home’s structure, along with other on-site structures, in order to determine the magnitude of the termite infestation along with the vulnerability of the structure type. Next, they’ll provide you with a free estimate of the customized treatment costs. In addition to treatment barriers, your termite specialist will consider the best possible, integrated pest management techniques for termites, including, eliminating wood to earth contact, moisture control, monitoring and any applicable repairs. Basically, our Brookhaven termite control services include preparing a plan designed specifically for your home or businesses distinctive construction and site evaluation. You will quickly discover that our services are a great value for home and business owners located in the Brookhaven, GA area.

Here at Crocodile Dave, we’re proud to have built the reputation of being the termite control service of choice in Brookhaven, GA and are humbled by the scores of positive customer reviews we’ve achieved over the years. We’re well known in the area having been here since 2000 and we have years of experience in the construction of the homes, property and the kind of termites that the area is plagued by.

The local residents count on our Brookhaven, GA termite control services for peace of mind and you can too. Call to schedule your FREE termite control inspection today!

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