Brookhaven Mosquito Control

Brookhaven Mosquito Control

At Crocodile Dave we take mosquito infestations very serious. Mosquitos are annoying and infectious pests that sometimes we can’t seem to get away from, especially in the warmer months. Crocodile Dave Is your #1 resource for quick and effective mosquito control in the Brookhaven area.

Mosquitoes Aren’t Just Annoying, They’re Deadly

It’s a fact, mosquitoes are the most deadly insect in the world.They may not be completely wiping us out, but mosquitoes have been known to transmit some of the most life threatening diseases known to man. West nile virus cases are being reported in the united states, along with many other illnesses mosquitoes are well known for spreading.

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Chikungunya

lawn-landscape-pest-control-servicesIn excess of 1 million people die year every year, according to Word Health Organization, as the result of a simple mosquito bite. We simply don’t think of that annoying little blood sucker to be so disease ridden… But they are.

Mist Away Mosquitoes

A process known as fogging is the most effective way of eliminating mosquitoes around your castle. Our experienced and well trained team offers an incredibly effective service that helps keep mosquitoes away from your property, pets, and family for 4-5 weeks per application. You’ll again be able to have a good time outdoors without attempting to ward off these pests with nasty
candles and oils, or having to use chemicals on your skin.

Trust Crocodile Dave for Mosquito Control

Locally owned and operated. We offer first-rate customer service; our customers are our priority, as proven through by many awards including, the Angie’s List, Kudzu and Yelp.

Get in touch with us now and you’ll find out exactly why we are the top pest control provider in the Brookhaven area. Get Crocodile Dave on your side now and take back your backyard paradise!

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