Decatur, GA Termite Control Services

Decatur Termite Control Services

L_IMG_Fig-1Termites are a major concern for residents of Decatur, GA and are much more than an annoyance. Termites can actually cause a devastating amount of structural damage to homes. To protect your property and your family call Crocodile Dave Pest Control, your Decatur termite control specialist.

Experience and Expertise You Can Count On

Crocodile Dave Pest Control provides expert termite control and extermination and has years of experience dealing with Decatur’s local termite problem. We have years of experience in Decatur termite control, which ensures that you’ll receive the most comprehensive termite management and protection in the area. Thanks to our specialized experience, you don’t have to worry about paying for unwarranted treatments.

Decatur Termite Control Starts with Identification

It’s critical to hire a professional that can identify the species and be aware of the habits of termites in a region in order to formulate the appropriate control program. Eastern subterranean termites are the most common termites in the United States. This species has caused considerable economic loss in heavily populated areas which is why Decatur termite control is so important.

The Decatur Termite Control Inspection Process


1. Free Home Inspection
Inspect your home to verify termite issues. Your Crocodile Dave technician will inspect and examine your home’s structural integrity (and other structures on-site) to determine the magnitude of the termite infestation, the vulnerability of construction style and circumstances that might be attracting the termites.

2. Consultation
During the consultation phase, we will provide information regarding the type of termite you’re dealing with and the root cause, extent and size of the infestation. At this time, we will explain the treatment plan we feel is most appropriate to eliminate the problem and provide an estimation of treatment costs.

3. Termite Control
The treatment process we design will alleviate your current termite problems and support preventing a recurrence. Besides using treatment barriers, our technician will consider integrated pest management strategies to help deter termites, like eliminating earth to timber contact, moisture control, also providing repairs and monitoring. Crocodile Dave Pest Control specialists will prepare a plan created specifically for your home’s unique construction style as well as a site evaluation.

Proven Termite Control Success

In Georgia, termites are a fact of life which also makes Decatur termite control a crucial necessity for its residents. Termites are known for the structural damage they can cause and will continue to compromise your property if you don’t have a protection plan in place, along with regular inspections. That’s why if you’re looking for Decatur termite control services, we’re the first place you call. You’ll be in expert hands and will have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is termite free with Crocodile Dave’s Decatur termite inspection and protection.

How-termites-enterWith Crocodile Dave Pest Control, you’ll be hiring a company that’s been providing Decatur’s #1 termite control service since 2000. Don’t wait for termites to take over – call 770-334-9661 today and reclaim your property.

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