Decatur Mosquito Control

Decatur Mosquito Control

3332498_origMosquitoes are the worst!
Or at least we believe so here at Crocodile Dave. Nevertheless, they’re a reality Atlanta, and certainly for those who live in Decatur. Actually, it can be an all out war in which we often wive the white flag and say “we’re just not going out back”. Well we’re here to tell you that summer yard can be mosquito free!

Mosquitoes Are Not Only Annoying, They Are Not Safe

We know that bears, sharks, snakes, spiders, lions, are all super deadly to humans, right? Not quite as deadly as the mosquitoes! Truthfully, Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creature in the world. Since the beginning of time, the fight between Mosquitoes and man has left many wounded in its path — and we do not mean the flying buzzers. While they may not be able to take over the earth, yet, mosquitoes are known to be carriers of the most deadly diseases known to mankind.Right now, In the US, West Nile Virus is the most viral Mosquito transmitted disease. Other sicknesses spread by Mosquitoes are:

  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Malaria

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) report, more than a million humans die yearly from the result of a simple mosquito bite. So, why would we allow these deadly pests around those who are precious to us? With proven effectiveness, the Crocodile Dave Team provides mosquito specific pest control options to the residents in the Decatur area.

Create a “No Fly Zone” for Those Dangerous Pests


Our most common way of removing mosquitoes from your property is by using a technique known as backpack fogging. It is a service provided by our highly trained team members that will keep mosquitoes far away from your family and pets for weeks. You will once again be able to enjoy the outdoors without using chemicals on your skin, or trying to chase off these pests with irritating scented candles and oils — which by the way, most make mosquitoes laugh.

The fogging treatment is applied to the bottom of the leaves in your yard and landscaped areas.The initial treatment includes an additive which will prevent mosquitoes from continuing to breed. Additionally, the solution used has an organic sticking compound which bonds itself to leaves and the areas mosquitoes love to hang out. Providing effective treatments that will last through sun and rain up to 45 days!

We use the safest treatment methods 100% to State codes for all types of pest removal, including 100% Organic Green Options. Our team members are your neighbors, and collectively we would like work together to rid the residential Decatur area of mosquitoes that are potentially a threat to us all. We will Inspect and consult with you on creating a less mosquito friendly environment on our first visit . There is no additional fee for this service.

Our clients are our top priority, as shown by many awards, for example, Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2012,13,14 &15 Contact us and you will find out why we’re the residents favorite pest solutions provider in the Decatur area.

Don’t allow your property to be taken over by the mosquitoes, posing as a real risk to your family and pets, get Crocodile Dave on your side today.

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