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7742232_m-298x300It’s a name pests don’t want to hear you say — “Crocodile Dave”. Even the coldest hearted creepy crawlers will shudder at the thought of a visit from us. Here at Crocodile Dave, we take care of Decatur residents by removing their pest problems — be it removal of bees, wasps, ants, termites, or another bug, we’ll get rid of them so you don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Now Decatur home and business owners can rid their property of pests while using the company with the best customer service around. If you’re looking for regular treatment or need a creepy crawler removed right away, we’ve got you covered — and here’s how

Pest Control Treatment Plans Tailored for You in Decatur

Your infestation, property, and budget are not going to be the exact same as the next home owner, so we don’t offer one-size-fits-all plans. There are many factors to account for when it comes to regular treatments to kick those bugs out and keep them away. We will custom tailor a treatment plan to keep you bug-free and worry-free for as long as you’re a customer of ours. Our plans have a proven success rate since we take our time to evaluate:

  • What Kinds of Bugs Are Invading Your Property
  • The Extent and Size of the Infestation
  • Potential Causes of the Infestation
  • Inspecting for Possible Vulnerable Points In The Home

pest_controlsWe will then determine what’s best for long term prevention of re-infestation. You will find these services to be invaluable as a home or business owner needing pest control in Decatur. This is especially true if you’ve ever tried to tame an infestation before on your own! Unfortunately, in this area, it’s not uncommon that ants, wasps, roaches, termites, and other creepy crawlers try to take over your home — so pest control should be a routine part of your homeowner maintenance plan.

Just as you would service your A/C unit, hire someone to treat the lawn for weeds, replace a broken mailbox post, controlling the pests on your property is a part of responsible property ownership. In fact, most homes inside a neighborhood are required under homeowners’ association bylaws to have a pest control plan in place.

That not to say you can’t call us outside of the need for routine pest control. We also offer emergency bug services in the Decatur area, perimeter treatments, and one time removals, although pest prevention is the best plan of action.

Proven Pest Control Success

Here at Crocodile Dave, we have many happy (human) customers in Decatur, chances are, your neighbors know us too! We have been serving your neighbors since 1997, and while bugs hate us, Decatur counts on us for pest control. Give us a call now to reclaim your castle — the longer you wait to call, the more bugs you’ll have to deal with!

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