Dunwoody and Mosquito Control

Dunwoody and Mosquito Control

mosquito-controlFor residents of the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area mosquitoes are a part of everyday life — it’s just a reality of living in the south.

Mosquitoes Aren’t Just Annoying, They’re Bad News

Mosquitoes have been known to carry some of the worst diseases known to man — making them the most deadly insect in the world. Wow! West nile virus is on the rise in the US. And the ramifications worldwide are undeniable.

Mosquitoes are disease ridden blood sucking ravenous creatures. Who will stop at nothing to get their next meal. Spreading disease all the way.

Worldwide, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever
  • Chikungunya

perrson-1More than 1 million human beings become infected and die annually from the result of a simple mosquito bite. This is stated in studies by the Word Health Organization. Shocking news to those of us in America but we are starting to see more of the fatal cases here at home.

Create a “No Fly Zone” With fogging

By using a process known as fogging, we can penetrate the thickest brush and hit the problem at it’s source. You’ll be able to have a nice time outdoors once again without using chemicals on your skin, or attempting to ineffectively ward off these bugs with scented candles and oils.

The fogging treatment last 4-5 weeks against flying mosquitos.The main objective is to knock down any adult mosquitos while at the same time halting the reproduction cycle. We also incorporate a sticking agent which bonds our treatment to the affected areas even through tough sun and weather.

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