Dunwoody, GA Termite Control Services

Dunwoody, GA Termite Control Service

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in Georgia and the most effective defense against them is prevention, at the very least dealing with them as quickly as possible. If you’ve found, or think you may have an infestation, you can count on us to provide a customized treatment solution that will efficiently eliminate them.

Our Dunwoody, GA termite control service provides professional extermination and management solutions and specialized expertise in regards to local termite concerns. Our years of experience in the pest control industry ensures that you’ll receive the most invasive termite control and protection possible.


Dunwoody Termite Control Inspections

Your Crocodile Dave termite control technician will inspect your home’s structure (and any other structures on your property that may be involved) to determine the extent of the infestation. They’ll also consider any other vulnerabilities of your home’s structure and/or potential landscape issues. Next, the technician will provide you with the estimated costs for treatment.

Treatment Plans Customized to Address Dunwoody Termite Control Problems

After we’ve concluded the inspection, we will prepare a plan specifically designed for your particular termite problem, based on our findings. In addition to treatment barriers, your technician will give consideration to integrated pest management strategies for termites which include addressing potential earth to wood contact issues, repairs, monitoring and moisture control.

termite-mapProven Dunwoody, GA Termite Control Solutions

We believe that knowledge is power and take the time to educate our clients with regards to their specific infestations and the best possible treatment methods – it’s this open communication that has helped us establish trustworthy relationships with them. We cater to the individual needs of property owners and work to minimize the confusion and stress that typically occurs when they are facing termite problems.

Our Commitment to Excellence is Second to None!
The termite control services in Dunwoody that we provide gives you the advantage over termites by helping you with, not only extermination, but also helping prevent an unwanted termite recurrence down the road.

Here’s What You Can Expect when You Choose Us.

  • Free Termite Inspection and estimate for services
  • Custom Treatment Solutions
  • Pet friendly termite control service solutions
  • Over 20 years of combined termite control experience
  • Extensive termite control training

We have become the premier termite control service in Dunwoody and vicinity for people looking for immediate solutions. With thousands of satisfied termite control issues having been successfully treated, Crocodile Dave has the experience and expertise to eliminate not just termites but all types of pests.

termite_damageOur Dunwoody, GA Termite Control Team

Our termite control team in Dunwoody understands the unique biology and behavior of every termite species and come fully prepared to resolve your termite control problems.
Several of our technicians have been with us for years, a level of retention that speaks volumes when it comes to the commitment of our employees. It’s also helped us build a reputation of being the area’s leading pest control team. Using the latest and most effective technologies available, along with working with some of the best licensed technicians and inspectors in the business, you can count on proven results.

Call (770) 450-5487 today to schedule a free termite control estimate and inspection – we’re committed to leaving your property termite free.

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