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Crocodile Dave will help you keep those rodents out!
Take some tips from industry experts on how to stay critter-free!


The best offense is a good defense. How many times have you heard that? It’s true when dealing with rats, mice, Squirrels and other nasty rodents too.

If you want to keep these pests away from your home and yard, the first step is to make sure you aren’t feeding them.

Those beautiful bird feeders are fun to watch, but they are also a great food source for rats. Even if you have a rodent proof bird feeder, the seed is dropped to the ground where squirrels and rats can feast. As lovely as they are to have near the house, you may want to place them at the farthest corners of the yard and use binoculars. For storage, it is best to keep all bird seed in a metal container with a tight lid.

Another seed that should be kept in a tightly sealed metal container is grass seed. All too often, we find grass seed that has been stored in garages, basements, crawlspaces and storage areas to be the cause for rodent infestation.

Dry dog and cat food stored in the garage is also a way to ring the dinner bell for unwanted guests.
Any food source should be stored in tightly sealed metal containers.

Once a rodent has entered a home, they are reluctant to leave. All of a sudden the food source becomes your food pantry, your counter tops and your dog and cat food bowls. They have found a 5 star resort!!

Here are some ways to keep them from establishing their winter residence in your attic or crawlspace:

  • Be sure your roof vents are reinforced.
  • Check your crawlspace door for gaps. A rat or mouse needs very little space to slip under a poorly fitted door.
  • Secure the ventilation in your foundation walls with wire mesh.
  • Locate any holes around your foundation walls and fill them with concrete.

Hawks and Owls are natural predators of rodents. The more you can free your yard from “hiding places” such as wood piles, mulch piles, tall grass etc. the more out in the open the rodents become and are easily visible. Try to free your yard of hiding spots so they have to make a long dash out in the open to reach your home. If they know they will be easily spotted, they are less likely to attempt the 50 foot run across open territory.

If you have a creek running near or on your property, it is natures highway! You are most likely to attract the attention of all types of rodents but most specifically Raccoons.

Making sure the exterior of your home is free from wood damage and is well painted will not look as attractive to these critters. If they see rotted soffits and eaves, they see an easy front door to shelter.

Keeping wildlife out of your home takes effort. They are determined creatures and once they find their way in, it’s even harder to get them out. But if they have succeeded, please call Crocodile Dave.

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