Client Testimonials

The best… , 01/11/20 – Kathy K. (Via Facebook)

The best in the business!

Crocodile Dave and Crews… , 12/31/19 – Carolyn L. (Via Facebook)

Crocodile Dave and crews are the best in solving pest problems. They’ve now fixed 2 of my problems in 2019, the most recent today, New Years Eve 2019. Thank you all and Happy New Year!

I am so appreciative! , 7/18/19 – Paula B. (Via Facebook)

I am so appreciative to Dave and his crew! Today will be the 3rd day in a row they have come to my home. Tuesday I had bat on my porch that Dave was able to find and remove safely. Wednesday David came and did a very good job of making sure I will have no critters in my house, he even got the cob webs down around the outside of my home. Really big deal for me! David found and big yellow jacket nest and was stung on the face. Dave is coming this evening to remove the nest. These guys have gone way above to help me this week! Love you guys!

Dave and his team! , 10/29/18 – Annie M. (Via Facebook)

Dave and his team – Ray, Perez and Oscar (i hope i got names right) were wonderful in taking care of the 28 bats in my parents attic and then with the clean up.. Dave was very patient with my Mom (83) and my Dad (85). He answered all their questions. He came an inspected the work. The team worked in a very hot attic space. I don’t know how they did it. My Dad wanted to use batt insulation (haha) not blown in and Dave got him what he wanted. Great customer service. They were on time and got the job done! We also wanted to use a local company. Thank you! A grateful daughter.

Thank you Crocodile Dave! , 03/28/18 – Ashley H. (Via Facebook)

Thank you to Crocodile Dave for excellent customer service. We contacted them about a squirrel problem. They put in one-way exits for flying squirrels and sealed up what they thought was an old gray squirrel hole. Well, one gray squirrel remained … and died in our attic, rendering our bedroom stinky and unusable. I called them back and they immediately sent a tech to remove the dead squirrel — and were nice enough not to charge extra, since it was so soon after the original service. I’m excited to sleep in my own room tonight, and grateful there are companies with people as nice as those at Crocodile Dave.

Found the right Company! , 3/11/2014 – (Via Angies List)

Everyone knows that getting work done on one’s house can be a big headache and does not always work out as you would wish. NOT the case with Crocodile Dave! I was so thankful that I had been referred to Crocodile Dave! From the very beginning, Joanne in the office was extremely helpful and courteous and patiently answered all my questions. Then when Crocodile Dave came out, I knew I had definitely found the right company! Crocodile Dave did an inspection and explained (with pictures!) in depth to me exactly what needed to be done to rid my attic of rats and what had to be done to permanently keep them out. He took a long time to answer all my questions and never rushed me. He made me feel like he would treat my house as if it were his own. Then today Gary came out and COULD NOT HAVE BEEN NICER! He worked VERY hard to make sure all possible entry places were taken care of and was extremely thorough. He took the time to answer any questions I had and went over all the work he had done with me. He is a wonderful asset to the company! I do not anticipate any more rat or other critter problems, but I am 100% confident that if a problem comes up that Crocodile Dave will honor the 5 yr. warranty! I am very cautious about recommending companies to my friends, but I can honestly with no hesitation say that if you want a job well done at a reasonable price (worth every penny for peace of mind) call Crocodile Dave! I will gladly pass his name/number on. A Big Thank You!!

Quick in Responding, 7/26/13 – (Via Angies List)

Crocodile Dave was quick in responding to my problem of critters in my chimney. I thought they were bats but they were able to determine that it was only chimney swifts. I saw them fly out the roof and then he capped it.

Great price and service, 4/2/12 – (Via Angies List)

Contracted Dave to remove pesky squirrels from a rental home.  Polite receptionist made appointment that worked for my tenants and myself.  Dave showed up right on time.  Got inside the (hot) attic, inspected and then let me know that my contracted price was good and would cover his inspection AND fixing the hole in the eaves where the squirrels were getting in.  WOW!  I was so pleased. Would  recommend and use again. Very professional. Angies list coupon worked out great and saved me a lot of money.  Thanks Angie’s List and Dave!

Very Happy Customer, 2/1/12 – (Via Angies List)

The problems with a Squirrel on the roof and the Rats in our crawl space were resolved as Dave guaranteed. He came out and evaluated the situation and told us what had to be done and how much it will cost. The work was done as he stated and we are very satisfied with the results. There are Good and Bad services and this is a GOOD ONE! The quality of his work is guaranteed for 5-years and we have no doubt he won’t stand by it. We highly recommend ‘Crocodile Dave’ for anyone with the similar pest problems.

Super Work, 2/1/12 – (Via Angies List)

Have and his crew are great. They arrived at the time we were given,started working right away and when they finished for the day even cleaned up after themselves. Came back the next day and finished the job and cleaned up again. We are now rat and squirrel free—HOORAY!!!

Honest and Dependable, 2/6/12 – (Via Angies List)

We used another Wildlife company and half way through the contract stopped returning calls and work preformed started to come apart. Dave came immediately gave est. and scheduled work at our convenience. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Very happy with the service of Crocodile Dave. I would recommend Crocodile Dave to everyone who has a wildlife problem. Sincerely, Bonnie C.

Rats are gone, 12/7/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

Had a problem for years with rats in crawlspace and previously paid someone to close it up to no avail. Finally I lucked on to an ad for Crocodile Dave. He was thorough, professional and did an amazing job. I wish I had known about him years ago. Rats are Atlanta’s best kept dark secret. Not my problem any more.

Peaceful Home, 11/15/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

For the last couple of years we would hear noises in our homes crawl spaces and attics. I put some traps out myself and caught a few rats and no matter how many I caught I could not get rid of them. We’d finally had enough and decided to get professional help. We got three estimates from companies to rodent proof our home and went with Crocodile Dave. After reviewing with us what was needed to be done to our home with pictures of the problems causing the rodent problem, we knew that he was they right guy of us. His price was competitive to the competition but as everything in life goes you get what you pay for. Crocodile Dave gave us a 5 year warranty and the other companies only guaranteed 2. They were done in 3 days and we are now truly enjoying a peaceful home. Thanks Dave.

Squirrels Be Gone, 10/22/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

Grey squirrels in my attic were no match for Crocodile Dave. My whole house is now critter proof thanks to Dave and Gary. Best of all, no animals were harmed during the process, which is very important to me.

Great Job, 4/7/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

Grey squirrels and flying squirrels had infested my attic. Dave came out and did a very thorough review of the situation. A few days later, his guys were on the job, sealing the house. As they seal it, they provide an escape route for the squirrels to leave, but they can’t get back in! He guarantees his work for 5 years. I got other estimates, and Dave’s price was competitive. Very professional job.

Good exterminator experience!, 2/23/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

Crocodile Dave and his crew did a great job at getting our rat problem under control. They assessed the situation, came up with a plan, and completed the work in a very knowledgeable and professional manner. I now feel much more comfortable in my home knowing our critter problem has been taken care of, and will be re-addressed if the need arises! Thank you!

Highly Recommend Crocodile Dave, 1/25/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

After interviewing several critter getter companies, we were so happy to find Crocodile Dave. Dave knew we were in a pinch because of our travel schedule, so he came out the same day. We felt a level of honesty and sincerity that we hadn’t felt from any of the other companies. His price was far below the others, too!
We thought we were hiring him to handle our flying squirrel problem, but it turned out we had rats, too (eeewwww!), and we didn’t even know it. Dave backed up his opinion with photos that he was able to quickly show us. He was timely, his workers spent the entire day critter proofing our house, and we were amazed how quickly he fixed our critter problem. It is not often you meet someone you want to highly recommend to others, but Crocodile Dave is definitely one of those people. Save yourself a lot of time and start with Crocodile Dave for your critter problems! They are great!

Crocodile Dave saved the day!, 1/17/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

Dave was very thorough, quick and reasonably priced! I have had no problems with the rodents since he “rodent proofed” my house, thank goodness!!

DAVE CAN SOLVE ANY PEST PROBLEM!, 1/14/2011 – (Via Angies List) 

I’ve had a recurring rat problem for 5 yrs. The contractor I’d used for 4 yrs offered only a 1-yr guarantee, I had to call him back for the same problem every year, and spent thousands of dollars during that time.
Luckily I found Crocodile Dave’s ad in a neighborhood newspaper–and it was sheer fate! He removed the rats over a month ago, filled all their entryways, including in the foundation, closed all entries at the roof line, and checked my traps every week for 4 weeks! I have not had a problem since. BIGGEST PLUS: a 5- YR GUARANTEE ON HIS WORK!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVE AND HIS ENTIRE STAFF!!!

Rave Review for Crocodile Dave!, 1/5/2011 – (Via Angies List)

Crocodile Dave came today to find the source of roof rats that were getting into our kitchen! My husband caught 4 by setting traps, but could not find how they were coming into the house! Very scary! Dave went through entire house, attic, crawlspace and roof and located area under our kitchen sink that was connected to a plumbing pipe in the roof! Repairs were made in short order!
This is the second time we have had to call on Crocodile Dave in past couple of years. First time was mice in the attic!
Glad to report that he is on time, friendly and provides solution to the scary problem of critters! We highly recommend him and his service!

Still pest free, 3/20/2010 – (Via Angies List)

Recurring problem with squirrels that wanted to nest in my attic. Replaced trim, caulked etc to no avail. called Dave and he was very knowledgeable and professional. Squirrel proofed my home and gave me a 5 year guarantee. Had one incident a couple years later with squirrel eating plumbing pipe on roof and Dave promptly replied and corrected problem. No other issues. This guy is very trustworthy.

Squirrels are Gone!, 3/8/2010 – (Via Angies List) 

The squirrels are nice to watch in the yard and trees, but when they chewed through the wood by my gutters and moved into my attic, I needed help. Dave got the squirrel family moved out, then made the repairs needed to the wood, and at a very fair price. Thanks Crocodile Dave.

Excellent service, Very Knowledgeable, 8/22/2009 – (Via Angies List) 

I was having a Terrible rat problem which 2 previous companies had failed to solve , Dave solved my problem in 1 week ! And I have been Rat Free ever since. Thanks Crocodile Dave!

What a relief!, 3/20/2008  – (Via Angies List) 

I thought the new wasps above the back door were going to get our dogs, not to mention us. Crocodile Dave was reassuring and had the problem done in no time for a reasonable rate. I just referred him to a client. You go Dave! The Ann & Lynn Team, Atlanta Intown

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