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While your home or commercial property is no place for termites, they actually serve an environmental purpose. Termites have had a crucial role in the planet’s ecological system for millions of years. Termites infest dead and dying trees, speeding up the natural pattern of deterioration, making room for new growth to begin. In numerous ways, they’re one of nature’s most socially complex and fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, the current natural imbalance of the termite has led to the destruction of our homes and commercial properties because they now see them as food. Of all the countless critters, rodents, insects and other pests that cause costly property damage for homeowners, none is more hazardous than the termite. Only termites can single handedly destroy a home’s very foundation in only a few short years. Have questions regarding termite control in Decatur, GA? Read on.


Protecting Your Decatur Home from Termites

L_IMG_Fig-1Protecting your home from termites is an important step towards preserving its structural health and value. Just a single termite colony can end up costing the average homeowner around $3,000 in repairs, in some cases much more – this doesn’t include the residual expenses associated with lost value as a result of having a history of termite problems in Decatur. Unfortunately, the first damaging handiwork of termites is not even noticeable for the first few years following their infestation. By then, it could be too late to address the destruction. If you’re like most homeowners, your home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and possibly the most important. Consequently, it is crucial that you take the appropriate steps to protect your home from termites, and to eliminate them if they’ve already invaded.

Preventing Termite Infestations

Among other things, it’s important to avoid poor ventilation, wood or paper debris in the crawlspace and to address moist, damp areas. Termites are naturally drawn to moist and damp environments as they need water in order to survive. The good news is that there are several ways to help make your home less appealing to termites.

  • Check all drains and water pipes that run to and from your home for clogs and/or leaks.
  • Make sure that all screens and weather stripping around windows and doors are secure and in good repair, also looking for loose mortar or siding. Termites don’t need a large opening to make their way into or under your home.
  • Anything that’s built out of wood needs to have been constructed to leave space between the wood and the soil to avoid termites.
  • Keep firewood and debris away from your homes foundation.

First and foremost, in order to avoid termite infestation, it’s important to get the underside of the home up to the state required minimum standards, according to the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act. This act outlines several actual laws that pest control companies must follow in order to take on the job. Having a trusted State certified professional (like Crocodile Dave) bring your crawlspace up to code is a very wise investment in your homes safety and security.


termite-mapTermite Treatment options

There are a number of effective termite treatments available, some more intensive and costly than others. So how will you determine which one is best for your specific situation? This is a decision that needs to be made carefully, because every home and situation is unique, meaning that treatment must be customized accordingly. By working closely with Crocodile Dave, your Decatur termite specialist, you’ll be able to come up with the appropriate and effective termite treatment plan. We have two unique methods for treating termites that we use, both coming with their own distinct benefits and each does an awesome job of eradicating and preventing termites.

Liquid Termite Protection

This is an actual subterranean liquid chemical barrier. It involves injecting a liquid  deep into the slab or footings of your home , creating an impenetrable barrier around any possible entry points (cracks in the foundation, pipes, cinder blocks, etc.) The liquid basically penetrates the soil, creating a termite proof barrier. The “secret” is not actually in the chemicals, but in their precise method of application.

Termite Bait Monitoring Stations

This termite control method works by utilizing the termites natural foraging habits against them. Termites are constantly looking for a new food source no matter how big their current food source is. We strategically place the bait stations around the structure so that the termites can find them. We will monitor the stations on a quarterly basis to replace materials that have been broken down due to the weather and to add the bait to any station that has termites currently feeding on the monitoring device. You get the peace of mind knowing that if there is an infestation, your professional termite specialist will treat the infested area immediately wiping out the threat before it reaches the home.


Here at Crocodile Dave, you can count on us for friendly, professional, experienced Decatur termite control for your home or business. Our over 16 years of experience guarantees that we will be able to identify any termite problems, provide effective, affordable solutions, and help prevent termite problems from reoccurring. Give us a call now (770-334-9961) to schedule your free termite damage inspection because the longer you wait, the more devastating the damages will be.

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