Tucker Mosquito Control

Tucker Mosquito Control

lawn-landscape-pest-control-servicesWe at Crocodile Dave know that Mosquitoes are among the most threatening pests around. Unfortunately, they are an ugly truth for residents of Tucker, and neighboring areas — really, it’s just one reality of living in Georgia. However with today’s pest control technology and a great Team, Our backpack fogging system will have your summer & fall Mosquito Free!

Mosquitoes Aren’t Just Frustrating, They’re a Real Threat!

Sharks, snakes, spiders, lions, bears — all known to be harmful to humans, right? But none are nearly as deadly as the everyday mosquito. As a matter of fact, in the world today, mosquitoes are the most deadly critter around. Fur, fins, teeth or not. The battle between man and mosquito, since the dawn of time has left many casualties in its path.

Even though they’re not exactly taking over the globe, mosquitoes have been known to transmit some of the deadliest diseases known to man. West Nile Virus in the United States is the most common mosquito transmitted disease (at present time).

Additional illnesses mosquitoes are well known for dispersing include:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • Chikungunya

Over 1 million people die yearly according to reports from the Word Health Organization as the result of a simple mosquito bite. So why take the chance of allowing these unsafe pests around your loved ones? You don’t have to anymore because Crocodile Dave offers mosquito specific pest control solutions for Tucker residents.

Create a “No Fly Zone” for Those Deadly Pests

mosquito-life-cycleUsing a method known as power fogging we can essentially eliminate mosquitoes from your property. This powerfully effective service is offered by our highly trained team members and will keep mosquitoes off your property and away from your family and pets for weeks! Once again you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without applying chemicals to your skin, or attempting to ward off these pests with weathered scented candles and dangerous oils.

The fogging treatment is power blown to the base of the undergrowth and undersides of leaves in foliage and shrubbery on your property. Our backpack machines penetrate deep into dense Ivy and brush. Our solution knocks down mosquitoes on contact and is specially mixed with an organic sticking compound which bonds itself to leaves and the areas mosquitoes love to hang out. Providing effective treatments that will last through sun and rain up to 45 days!

Locally owned and operated, the Team at Crocodile Dave cares about you and your family and always provide the safest techniques with the best options to keep them safe. All while making mosquitoes gravely angry. Our team members are your neighbors, and together we want to work together to liberate the residential Tucker area of potentially dangerous mosquitoes. We will Inspect and consult with you on creating a less mosquito friendly environment on our first visit . There is no additional fee for this service.

We offer outstanding customer service In addition to our effective mosquito control solutions. Our customers are our top priority, as confirmed by many awards including the Angie’s List Super Service Award Multiple years running. Get in touch with us now and you’ll find out exactly why we are a local favorite & preferred service pest control provider to the Tucker area

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