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Raccoons are large, heavy animals that get into your trash and make big loud noises in your roof! A Raccoon needs a big hole to get inside your house, so their damage can be significant. Raccoons also have very sharp claws and teeth to help them with climbing and eating which makes them a big threat to humans and other animals.

Raccoons are comfortable in suburban areas and like to feed on fruit, vegetables, earthworms and will gladly empty your bird feeders and pet food dishes if left outdoors. Raccoons are not hunters at all but are very good scavengers. These cute little animals love getting into garbage cans and dumpsters. Raccoons are also drawn to pools or ponds for these animals love water and clean ever thing they eat.
I have Raccoons! Get them out of the house!  

About Raccoons

Raccoons can get to be 16-26″ long and up to 60 pounds. They have a coarse fur and normally a darker black mask around their eyes. Raccoons are not fond of cold weather which means they are less active in the winter but they do not hibernate.

Raccoons mating season is late winter. They will give birth to a litter of 4-5 pups in early spring. Raccoons stay with their pups until they are 6 months old and are very protective of their young. Do not try to handle a mom or pups if you come in contact. Raccoons are 1 out of 4 wild animals that are thought to be a primary carrier of the rabies virus.


ENTRY: Raccoons have very sharp claws and teeth and can rip through most anything. Most often you will find trash cans tipped over but females have learned they like to come inside where it is warm to have their pups.

DAMAGE: The main damage is done by the sharp claws of the animals. This would include rips in screens and holes torn in weak siding or roofing. Other then that they do like to tip over your garbage cans and anything else that might contain food remnants.

REMOVAL: Trapping and relocating is the best way to remove these animals. Do not try to remove the Raccoons by yourself. They are dangerous! Also never touch raccoon pups because mother Raccoons are very protective of young.

PREVENTION: Crocodile Dave repairs the entry points into your house with strong, high quality materials. Our prevention solutions come with a 5 Year Out of the House Guarantee.

I have Raccoons! Get them out of the house!  

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