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Mosquitos are the worst, the absolute worst! Or at least we think so here at Crocodile Dave! However, they are an unfortunate reality for residents of Decatur, Tucker, Lilburn, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and surrounding areas — really, it’s just the reality of living in the south at all. Here’s why you need to call us right now to get mosquitos off your property as soon as possible.

mosquito-control-services-daveMosquitos Aren’t Just Annoying, They’re Dangerous!

Sharks, snakes, spiders, lions, bears — all super dangerous to humans, right? Not nearly as dangerous as the common mosquito! As a matter of fact, mosquitos are the most deadly animal in the world. Since the beginning of time, the battle between man and mosquitos has left many casualties in its path — and we don’t mean mosquitos! While they might not be exactly taking over the planet, yet, mosquitos have been known to carry some of the deadliest diseases known to man. In the United States, the most common mosquito transmitted disease (currently) is the West Nile Virus.

Other illnesses mosquito’s are well known for spreading include:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • chikungunya

According to Word Health Organization, more than 1 million people die annually from the result of a simple mosquito bite. So why are you allowing these dangerous pests around the ones you love? You don’t have to, Crocodile Dave offers mosquito specific pest control solutions for Atlanta area residents.

 Create a “No Fly Zone” for Those Deadly Pests

Our most effective way of eliminating mosquitoes on your property is by using a method known as misting. This is a simple service offered by our highly trained team members that will keep mosquitoes off your property and away from your family and pets for weeks! You’ll once again be able to enjoy the outdoors without using chemicals on your skin, or attempting to ward off these pests with unpleasantly scented candles and oils (which by the way, mosquitos laugh at).

The misting treatment is applied to the underside of the foliage on your property and lasts nearly a month — it’s greatly effective in reducing the population and eggs in your yard. In addition, we locate and treat breeding areas, standing water, etc.

Locally owned and operated, the team at Crocodile Dave cares about your family and uses the best options to keep them safe, while making mosquitos seriously angry. Our team members are your neighbors, and we want to to work together to rid residential Atlanta areas of deadly mosquitos. We use the safest solutions for all kinds of pest removal, including mosquito fogging.

mosquito-control-service-daveContact Crocodile Dave For Your Mosquito Control Needs

In addition to our effective mosquito repellant solutions, we also offer exceptional customer service. Our customers are our top priority, as proven by many awards including the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Contact us now and you’ll discover exactly why we are a preferred service pest control provider in the Atlanta area.

Don’t let the mosquitos take over your property, posing as a real danger to your family and pets, get Crocodile Dave on your side now!

*Treatment cost based upon average 1/2 acre lot , price may vary based upon inspection. Offer not valid for houses needing scheduled services for gated yards, outside animals, etc. Free retreats not valid with discount prices unless it rains within 2 hours of treatment. There will be a charge of $25 per retreat.

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