Brookhaven, GA Pest Control Services

Brookhaven, GA Pest Control Services

500x468Unfortunately, in this area, it’s common that wasps, ants, roaches and termites will try to take over your home. Here at Crocodile Dave, we take great care of Brookhaven residents
by providing a one stop Full pest control resource — be it removal of bees, wasps, ants, termites, or furry critters nesting in the attic, we will remove them so that you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

Now Brookhaven business and home owners can rid their property of pests while using the company with the top customer service in the industry. We guarantee excellent service when call upon us for Brookhaven pest control — and here’s how.

Brookhaven Pest Control Treatment Plans

Your Infestation, conditions and property size are not always the same as the next person’s, so our plans aren’t one size fits all. There are many factors that come into consideration when it comes to getting rid of certain pests — and keeping them away. We tailor treatment strategies to keep you bug-free for as long as you are our customer. The success rate of our strategies and our customer feedback speaks for itself.

We Evaluate:

  • Type of Bugs Around Your Property
  • Extent & Size of Infestation
  • Property Size
  • Contributing conditions

We’ll then come up with a short or long term re-infestation prevention plan. You will quickly find that our services are priceless as a homeowner or business owner located in the Brookhaven area.

Unfortunately, living in the south is not as maintenance free as some other parts of the country. We deal with crazy mosquito’s, giant roaches and thriving relentless termites. just as you would service your home HVAC system, treat the lawn for weeds, replace a busted mailbox post, controlling the pests around your property is part of responsible property maintenance.Some HOA’s even require a proper pest prevention plan to be in place in their bylaws.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait to call us for regular pest control. Although pest prevention is the best plan, we offer emergency bug services, border treatments, one time removals, and more.

Proven Success for Brookhaven, GA Pest Control

Here at Crocodile Dave, we are proud to have scores of satisfied Brookhaven customers.We know the area, the homes and the history Since 1999, we’ve been serving your neighbors and the feedback speaks for itself — Brookhaven counts on us for peace of mind. Give us a call now to take control your castle.

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